Boundaries and Bridges

Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most

By Douglas Stone  (Author), Bruce Patton (Author), Sheila Heen  (Author), Roger Fisher (Foreword)

Book Review

Review by Dr. Jacob Bryan

This is one of my favorite books that goes over how to have difficult conversations with someone who you are in conflict with. It goes into depth how to do active listening and advocate for your point of view. You will learn techniques for guiding the conversation.

Per Amazon, this book will help: 

· Decipher the underlying structure of every difficult conversation 
· Start a conversation without defensiveness 
· Listen for the meaning of what is not said 
· Stay balanced in the face of attacks and accusations
· Move from emotion to productive problem solving

Recommended For:

  • Anyone looking to improve their conversational skills and relationships with adults.
  • Workplace relationships
  • Improving challenging family dynamics.


The point is this: difficult conversations are almost never about getting the facts right. They are about conflicting perceptions, interpretations, and values.