Boundaries and Bridges

No Bad Parts: Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness with the Internal Family Systems Model

by Richard Schwartz Ph.D. (Author), Alanis Morissette (Introduction)

Book Review

Published: July 6, 2021

Review by: Dr. Jacob Bryan

This is an excellent book that explores the internal complexities of the human mind. The author proposes a paradigm-changing model for exploring emotion and the human experience.

There is a whole world inside the mind of each person with its own rich ecosystem. Significant experiences create distinct focal points from our past. These focal points can be seen and understood almost as distinct characters in our lives that inhabit our inner worlds. We can understand that these characters have their own memories, flaws, emotions, desires, and agendas. Characters take on different roles such as the angry protector or the scared child. Often these characters are at odds with one another. This may all sound strange to someone new to the world of psychology. But for individuals with a traumatic past, this phenomenon is all too real.

We can use the techniques in this book to understand determine the purpose behind a person’s feelings. This is especially important for those negative, unwanted thoughts and feelings that can be so scary and overwhelming. Dr. Schwartz teaches us to be curious, to use active listening and engage with the more challenging aspects of our psyche.

Per amazon:

Is there just one “you”? We’ve been taught to believe we have a single identity, and to feel fear or shame when we can’t control the inner voices that don’t match the ideal of who we think we should be. Yet Dr. Richard Schwartz’s research now challenges this “mono-mind” theory. “All of us are born with many sub-minds―or parts,” says Dr. Schwartz. “These parts are not imaginary or symbolic. They are individuals who exist as an internal family within us―and the key to health and happiness is to honor, understand, and love every part.”

Dr. Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems (IFS) model has been transforming psychology for decades. With No Bad Parts, you’ll learn why IFS has been so effective in areas such as trauma recovery, addiction therapy, and depression treatment―and how this new understanding of consciousness has the potential to radically change our lives.

Recommended For:

  • All adults wanting to explore and understand their inner worlds
  • All adults dealing with traumatic experiences in their past
  • Support individuals who want to help others who are dealing with a traumatic past
  • Medical Professionals


“We often find that the harder we try to get rid of emotions and thoughts, the stronger they become. This is because parts, like people, fight back against being shamed or exiled.”

“The big conclusion here is that parts are not what they have been commonly thought to be. They’re not cognitive adaptations or sinful impulses. Instead, parts are sacred, spiritual beings and they deserve to be treated as such.”